Independent Medical Equipment (IME) provides Hospice-only medical equipment to the entire state of Alabama, West Georgia, and Southern Tennessee. We provide product support, training equipment and much more for patients, physicians, healthcare providers, and nurses. Our passion and dedication to hospice care and state-of-the-art technology enables us to be an industry leader in solutions for a wide variety of hospice related needs.

Our team of technicians, coordinators, and delivery drivers all work together to serve you with the best care possible and to ensure the hospice process is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective, all while still providing our customers premium equipment.

The IME Difference:

  • Highest quality of durable medical equipment available
  • Professional equipment support 24/7
  • Timely and time-sensitive delivery
  • Compassionate care and customizable solutions
  • Convenient pick-up

Although we offer many different services, our primary goal at IME is to always provide the highest level of support to help make the last days of a loved one’s life as meaningful as possible.

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IME’s Process



After selecting what equipment you need, specify with us if your order is a new-patient equipment delivery, equipment re-supply, or a pick-up order. All we need to know is which equipment you need, when you need it, and where you’re located. You can do this over the phone, or by using our DMETrack software. Our coordination team will ensure that all orders are routed properly.


Another critical moment of the process is the equipment pick-up. IME fully understands the need for sensitivity and extends empathy during this difficult time. Our compassionate team wants to pick up the equipment as quickly as possible so the reminder is never there, and we coordinate with the families on when they want the equipment picked up. After we get the equipment, it is all tested, sterilized, and, if necessary, repaired.

This process is all carried out with the patients and their families in mind. We understand the difficulties families face during these times, which is why IME is here to alleviate some of their responsibilities, so they can spend more time with their loved ones.


Our team provides contact information to caregivers and loved ones, and offers 24/7, 365 support. Never hesitate to contact us. Dependability, reliability, and responsiveness for nurses, care-givers, and patients is imperative. Not only do we offer equipment support regarding questions about use, but we also handle any equipment re-supply or refills. IME is always available for additional equipment, trouble-shooting, product support, and any other services while the patient is in hospice-care. We understand that patients at this point in their life require the highest quality of support which is why we are always prepared and happy to help.


Our team covers this critical aspect and personally trains the hospice staff on how to properly use the equipment. We provide equipment education, assessment, product training pamphlets, and trouble-shooting guides for each piece of equipment to ensure the patient always receives the best, most educated care.


At time of delivery, a technician will set-up the equipment and ensure it’s ready for use in the home. We strive to make the patient feel as comfortable and safe as possible, so every item is installed and checked to verify and guarantee safe-use.


Once the order is processed, we will coordinate with you on scheduling delivery, set-up, and any other variables based on your needs. We offer the fastest delivery options in our Alabama, Western Georgia, and Southern Tennessee region, and we can even accommodate critical time-frames such as delivering within 2 hours of order processing. We also collaborate with the schedules of nurses and hospice care providers for deciding on the optimal delivery time.

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We're ready to deliver our premium hospice equipment throughout all of Alabama, Western Georgia, and Southern Tennessee. For more information call us at (205) 631-8915. We're here to answer any questions!