Hospice Equipment

Hospice Equipment

Independent Medical Equipment provides hospice patients with a wide and specific variety of equipment. To best serve you, we have an expert staff ready to assist you in matching equipment to meet your exact needs along with supplementary equipment support. We only use the highest quality equipment available from reputable companies such as Philips Respironics, Drive Medical, and more. We understand that to provide the best care, equipment needs to be up-to-date.

From rollators to bath chairs to respiratory products, we set patients up with the correct equipment to enhance their quality of life. No matter what combination of equipment you need, our team is prepared to get you your equipment in the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way possible. Take a look at a sample of the types of equipment we offer below and give us a call (205) 631-8915 to ask about what we have available!

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Respiratory Equipment


For individuals requiring breathing assistance of any kind, we offer concentrators, bipaps, nebulizers and more to ensure that you can breathe easy and have continued peace of mind.

Support Equipment and Bedding Products

Support Equipment
and Bedding Products

Increase your level of comfort and well-being with our support and bed equipment. Fully-electric beds, semi-electric beds, and specialized mattresses provide relief from pressure ulcers and improve blood circulation.

Mobility Products

Mobility Products

Maintain your independence with the additional support and stability that a mobility aid offers. Rollators, walkers, wheelchairs, standard canes, transport canes give you confidence to remain mobile.



Relax and bathe at your own pace without the stress of feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. Browse our bath chairs, commode chairs, shower chairs and more to eliminate long periods of standing and make every day activities safe and enjoyable.

Zen-O Lite Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-O Lites are ultra-light, portable oxygen concentrators from GCE Healthcare. They’re simple, easy to use, quiet, and designed for active patients on long term oxygen therapy. They provide oxygen on-demand using advanced technology, ensuring that a constant pulse size of oxygen is delivered each time the user inhales.

IQ Medical Mattress

IQ Medical developed a proven Pressure Injury Prevention system with a portfolio of Pressure Area Care Mattresses and Cushions specially designed to give patients all levels of protection and comfort they need.

Featured Products:

Barton Chair

Barton Convertible Chairs offers a multitude of capabilities within a single product. Designed to allow a single care-giver to easily and safely transport and reposition a patient, Barton chairs can perform the functions of stretcher, mobile chair, and custom seating all in one.

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